Bug-Track.com's servers are located in a state of the art data center, offering both great availability and security. Rest to sure your data is well protected.

Server hosting Location

Our servers' data center is located in Montreal, Canada, and is renown for its security and availability.

Technical Information

  • 15 000 square foot facility
  • 12 000 square foot of datacenter floor
  • 2 Air Conditioning Units totalling 52 Tons
  • Glycol Dry Cooling System
  • Biometric Sensors, Cameras and Secured Access
  • 600A of 600v input power
  • 500KW Diesel Generator
  • 375KVA UPS Units


Our Network currently has a 9Gbps capacity through 1Gbps ports of four different transit providers.

Our redundant evolving network is linked to important upstream suppliers that connects to hundreds of exchange partners which assures a constant Internet connection, superior diverse routing and the bottom line: increased Internet efficiency.

Bug-Track.com's network availability is 100% without any loss of packets or single point of failure.

Primary High Quality Network Transit

  • 2Gbps Fibers to Teleglobe
  • 3Gbps Fibers to Videotron
  • 1Gbps Fiber to Peer1
  • 1Gbps Peering at TorIX

Incoming Traffic, Direct Peers and Backup Transit

  • 2Gbps Fibers to Cogent
  • On-Site Cogent POP

Data Backups

Each database server has a back-up server that replicates the data in real-time. The mirror server can be used in case of a critical problem with the main server.

In addition nightly data back-ups are performed and stored on an off-site secure server, ensuring data files redundancy.

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